Trina H

"Great presenter"

Deborah B

"Great course. Extremely informational. Thank you"

Hannah L

"Great course! I loved Jessica's child-centered on such a difficult topic. All of the resources provided were greatly appreciated as well."

Tzipporah K

"Great course!"

M Kristen P

"Jessica Hunt was a great presenter who obviously has a lot of experience. I would love to get to know her better and "pick her brain"."

Cherryl L

"Very informative. I will be able to apply the information I learned to my clients."

Amanda A

"This was an excellent mix of current research, principles of feeding, and practical intervention strategies. Excellent course!!"

Maryanne K

"Excellent content with real life examples "

Theresa C

"Excellent speaker!!!"

Tamara B

"Thank you Jessica! You did a great job putting the material together in a fluent and functional manner,"