Karen F

"This is the best seminar I have taken on ADHD!!! It was very practical and insightful!!"

Katie R

"Great quick training! Would love to do more with Dr Barkley "


"Excellent content"

Paula B

"Very informative. Thank you."

Anne P

"Excellent presentation!!"

Linda G

"Thank you for this information. The information helps me better understand ADHD in a classroom."

Nina H

"Excellent Thank you for free education Would love and very much use and appreciate a follow up course on adult ADHD and how to facilitate TBI recovery. It is known that individuals recovery from TBI is slower and ???? decreased recovery potential they have a premorbid dx of ADHD"

Carolyn P

"I liked the brevity and ease of learning different steps. Very organized presentation."

Shelia J

"Wonderful Program"

Steven S

"great course extremely practical"