Susan D

"Overall very satisfied "

Sarah N

"A little tangential and disorganized at times but overall had good content."

Katie H

"Karen was a great speaker, kept my attention. Great expertise. Would have liked to been at the class in person to ask more questions and have more hands-on experience. "

Karen H

"Amazing! Learned so much. Karen is a refreshing and honest presenter. Really enjoyed this!"

Holly B

"Karen was a very engaging speaker! Loved her! "

Nancy B

"Overall, great presentation. I would have liked the handouts to have more detail. They did not have as much detail as slides."

Erin D

"The videography during the course was distracting as we were not able to view the slides well when Karen was referring to something up on the projecter. Also, I was not able to hear the questions presented in the live class, only her answers which left out context to her answer. "

Jaime B

"LOVED the presenter, her delivery, and knowledge of the subject."

Debra H

"Excellent presenter and content."

Mary P

"AN excellent course. "