Jeri Ann A

"-He seemed rude to individuals' questions who were present at the training. -At the start he focused a lot on what was not going to be covered--could do without that information. --would have been nice to have worksheets and other visual that could have been used with clients. -Although information was important, it was very basic and did not offer anything new...sorry just being honest. "

Ingrid M

"I enjoyed the training. However, the powerpoint print out that was offered did not follow the presentation on the webinar screen and for a visual person this ones very distracting. Also, sometimes, the slides that were correct did not have all the points in the handout, that were present in the slide on the screen. "

Marie C

"Best continuing education course I have taken so far. I am leaving with so much PRACTICAL information and ideas. I would like to have access to more classes like this one."