Jacey Y

"Dr. Fisher is a master at explaining the very complicated world of trauma!"

Sheila P

"Janina Fisher is the best! "

Marissa O

"Excellent information, thank you. "

Maralyn F

"I had never "studied" before with Dr. Fisher. This presentation was very rich with content, and Dr. Fisher is compassionate & articulate. Her warmth, caring, and authenticity were huge bonuses. Thank you SO much for this opportunity! With sincere appreciation, Maralyn Farber, hospice social worker"

Autumn L

"Dr. Fischer was not very engaging, but the information was relevant "

Rita M

"great content excited to learn more on this topic "

Ronald S

"Dr. Fisher is wonderful."


"Very good session. Thank you."

Jan W

"Good information that collaborates with my current understanding & training"

Thomas L

"Nice synthesis and review of educational material acquired during my professional career"