Luminita G

"I generally don't feel that I learn much during the supervision training, but Bob did a great job! I will attend future trainings with him. "

Wakisha H

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It was extremely helpful due to the thorough content and the entertaining, but effective mode of communicating the content. It was one of the best supervision trainings that I've attended over the years. "


"I liked his teaching style, particularly because it was engaging and interesting. I like the use of example and story. I have downloaded this to review again. very good coarse."

Kerry H

"I thought it was great, and I'm happy to have the notes as well to review. "

Carla L

"I really enjoyed the information presented. He made it very interesting and applicable to what I needed to learn. "

Carolina F

"Great course! and delivery"

Roberta L

"Robert is extremely knowledgeable & dynamic."

Albert M

"i was very impressed with this class."

Brandi W

"Appreciate the thorough outline and notes."

Vicki G

"Mr. Taibbi is one of my favorite presenters from PESI. His knowledge, style and interaction with the audience is great. He held my attention the entire seminar."