Geovanna H

"Great workshop. It was of great importance for her to make stops and address questions. I was flabbergasted by this workshop"

Kerri P

"Very, very good seminar!"

Deborah C

"Very interesting material was presented and I am starting to implement some of the methods I learned."

Sandra S

"This lesson was well worth my time and I would attend another class from Kathy."

Rebecca P

"Excellent!! Came away with alot of new knowledge and the activities to go with it."

Colleen R

"a very very informative class with many practical uses"

Rachel K

"Absolutely loved this seminar...."

Margaret C

"Excellent deliver of material. Presenter was very well spoken, knowledgeable and detailed. "

Chelsea E

"Great course! "

Michelle W

"I'm excited to try reflex integration and am surprised that I haven't heard more about it before"