Teresa H

"Excellent presentation"

Glenda B

"nice program, very informative"

Anneke A

"Learned a great deal from this course that I can apply to my career"

Kim T

"Very user friendly course with worksheets to follow, great overall learning experience with a great teacher, much knowledge of wounds noted and can explain very well."

Jean M

"Kim was extremely knowledgeable and thorough--was a great learning opportunity. Thank you!"

Deone W

"Course was very interesting and informative!"

Molly K

"Awesome course. Thank you!"

Mahlet T

"I learned valuable lesson to help me improve wound care "

Bridget M

"I thought that this was the BEST presenter. Time flew and I learned so much. Will look out for more of her presentations"

Jillian L

"Good course, knowledgeable instructor"