Stephanie A

"excellent presentation"

Jacqueline C

"This presentation was very helpful. "

Maralyn F

"The presenter is caring, dynamic, skilled, and engaging. Thank you so much! Maralyn Farber, hospice social worker"

Autumn L

"Mary Jo was a very engaging presenter. "

Jessica C

"This approach to trauma therapy really resonated with me, thank you!"

Toni T

"The presenter was very knowledgeable and effective in her teachings of the concept model for change. "

Dee M

"Such a useful course. This really gave me hope for my work with clients, particularly as I felt that my current way of working with clients is validated by the approach. The Collaborative Change Model is definitely my way forward."

Carol L

"If there was a 6 - more than very satisfied, I would have rated this one a 6."

Gabrielle A

"Presenter was brilliant "

Christine P

"Great seminar!"