Ashley O

"This training even from the online platform was amazing. I am excited to see how this impacts care for my clients!"

Brenna C

"Excellent "

Roxanna M

"The best video seminar I have ever experienced. The clairty and attunement to the audience was also felt by me as an observer of a workshop. Dr Grand was present with his audience at all times. During the two demonstrations Dr. Grand was present and attuned to each participant first and foremost. The demonstrations were exceedingly helpful. "

Lynn B

"Excellent! I loved this workshop, just what I was in need of for help with stuck clients."

Elizabeth P

"this was very helpful to my work with clients who are working through trauma "

Jodi S

"Very informative class. The presenter did an excellent job of explaining trauma through his theoretical lense. "

Drew B

"Dr. Grand was an excellent presenter. I'm enlightened. "

Donna S

"David Grand is outstanding in training us to use brainspotting & was in my EMDR training also. He's great."

Mollie L

"Very excited to learn about this!"