Sara A

"Wonderful seminar. I highly recommend it."

Paula B

"Excellent course. David is knowledgeable and full of information and stories and teaching techniques."

Jessica E

"Thank you! Very informative. Just wish there would have been time for questions at end."


"Enjoyed it very much, given the topic"


"David Kessler managed to share a wealth of information on a very difficult topic with grace, humor, and compassion. This is one of those conferences that I leave feeling enriched and transformed as a person and a professional. Amazing conference. Amazing speaker."

Stephen K

"Wonderful presenter!"

Janelle V

"Thank you, David for a wonderful presentation and course. I appreciated you sharing many professional experiences, as well as your personal story. You are an inspirational to others in this field, for sure. You show great respect for those who have taught you much, and from that you are teaching oth"

Alison P

"Good speaker, very passionate about this topic."

Amy D

"Excellent presentation. I really appreciate all of narrative examples."

Theresa S

"Mr Kessler is an amazing presenter. Highly intelligent, compassionate, light hearted yet sensitive and articulates his fund of knowledge clearly."