Kayle G

"I really enjoyed this seminar. It was full of lots of useful info that I look forward to applying to my therapy in the future. "

Denise B

"I learned great tools to use. Great presentation and very informative!"

Luis S

"Thank very much for the wonderful learning experience. "

Andrea B. P

"The presenter was excellent. I am impressed"

Iwona K

"It was a well prepared and presented workshop. I loved the discussion of individual cases and solutions as well as mention of other interventions. Additionally, information regarding side effects of certain meds was very important to me."

Jason S

"At about the one minute mark the sound had problems, but it didn't last for long. I thought it was very helpful how much the speaker had working knowledge of helping autistic children and families. That really made the presentation credible and useful. I can tell she is a good therapist. Please "