Elizabeth M


John R

"Technology issues beyond presenter control in some regards, apparently video did go live, but was never able to see her."

Veena N

"Disappointed with failure of technology. The presentation was disorganized"

Corinna C

"she was so disorganized and flustered. She went off on tangents too much and did not go into much detail about what was on the slides. Everything was a story and she used her preferences/experience as recommended guidance on sensitive topics that are open to interpretation - potentially misguided for novice practictioners."

George V

"This was one of the worst CEs that I have done with PESI. Dr. Lewis was dressed inappropriately, perseverated concerning her past experiences (at the cost of addressing all the slides appropriately), exhibited mild word finding difficulties (and I say this as someone who works at skilled nursing facilities with geriatric patient), and did not address all the material on which we were tested. I will never register for another CE with her! PESI needs to do periodic audits of their CEs."

Guadalupe V

"Excellent training."

Paul E

"There were a few test questions that were not addressed in the course material"

Juliet R

"Instructor was dynamic, honest, and up to date with relevant information."

Mary N

"Susan Lewis is an excellent presenter!! I have taken 2 Legal and Ethics courses by her. Great!!!"

Marylou V

"I now have very clear guidelines as to how to address legal issues AND protect my license. Thank you! "