Pamela R

"Dr. Aiken was an excellent, interesting, engaging presenter, even for remote participants. He shared lots of most recent research, managed time well, and material was geared toward experienced practitioners rather than reviewing basic information. I REALLY appreciated not coming away from the workshop thinking, "He didn't say anything I didn't already know." I truly learned a great deal. I wish he had spend just a bit of time going over medications, w/a goal of familiarity vs expertise."

Keri C

"I did this via Live Webinar. It does make question flow less satisfactory as a participant but guessing it is just the nature of a webinar; this is my first one. Responses to questions were addressed faster the 2nd day and, I wanted to convey appreciation and usefulness of his responses but didn't want to comment much as it appeared disruptive. I wanted to clarify on one question but thought it would be too challenging/disruptive via a web participant. Best training I have ever attended!"