Tammy G

"Excellent course!"

Kelly H

"Fantastic course and presenter."

Kristen M

"Really enjoyed all the information presented. I have been a therapist for a long time and learned a lot of new techniques. Thank you very much especially for all the recommendations and info in the manual."

Leah M

"Presenter is VERY knowledgeable of her topic and provided LOTS of strategies to be used to help when working with Sensory Issues in feeding. "

Joann K

"This course was very educational. I will be using most if not all of the strategies during my sessions. I like how the presenter provided a refresher on the anatomy of the relationship between the brain and ability to eat. "

Allison S

"Very well done! I learned a lot of new information about feeding! Thank you!"

Melanie H

"Jessica did a great job! Will do more of her courses in the future!"