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"Excellent presenter and very good information!"

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"Excellent Presenter. I am a forensic psychologist, and really learned a great deal!"


"Good information and current!"

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"highly recommend this course"

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"course was very informative, well presented and good resources"

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"I enjoyed this presentation and learned a lot of things. I have a list of things I need to focus on within my practice. I think the presenter was funny and entertaining which helped with the topic. I also enjoyed her videos! "

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"Dr. Westendorf was outstanding. One of the best CE courses ever taken. Staff was very helpful."

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"Great job! It was fun and informative. "

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"Thank you! I really thought your class was one of the best ones, especially in the area of ethics, I've ever taken."

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"This was really great content, and I very much appreciate Dr. Westendorf's style and use of examples."