Amy K

"I loved this presenter!! I wish I could have been there in person!"

Marie F

"I loved how knowledgeable Angela is. It gave me confidence is sharing the information I learned"

RaeLynn S

"Excellent presentation!!! "

Jennifer C

"An excellent presenter with clear instruction and response to questions submitted digitally"

Caragh G

"Angela did a great job at keeping the attention of myself and the other therapists that were watching this webinar. She talked at a great pace and explained herself in a very clear and understanding way."

Rosemary C

"Thank you so much Angela! I was very interested throughout the whole seminar! I learned so much! Thank you for helping all of your patients, families and colleagues! Keep teaching and training us! "

Patricia P

"Great information. Was presented for both therapists new to the field and those with several years of experience."

Kayla L

"Very informative presentation!"

Leah G

"Presentation style was very lecture-based. Perhaps something more interactive or case study practice to keep things engaging! :)"

Carianne H

"Excellent presentation with very relevant information and materials."