Tina R

"+ The presenter was very knowledgeable, friendly & punctual (VERY appreciated) +Dr. Lusk responded to Q’s quickly & offered additional resources for each Q -Quiz Q’s should be in-order to help with the flow of material. They should also be clearly found in the presentation/slides. -The presenter said “Again” excessively, even when he hadn’t previously addressed a concept. May just be a nervous habit but it became distracting. "

Megan G

"Thoroughly enjoyed the topic and presentation, was impressed with the presenter's thoroughness, examples, delivery and ability to make it enjoyable overall. "

Sarah Elizabeth G

"I really enjoyed listening to Dr. Lusk's presentation. I really wish it had been in person because I had significant computer issues and believe I missed some significant segments trying to "reconnect" at times. Very frustrating. I love that he is providing additional material and supports and has some great case examples."


"Great training, especially as he had to talk for over 12 hours in 2 days! Crazy! The content was not boring and the presentation was engaging. "


"The presenter made the information fun and entertaining. Great jokes!"

Jessica B

"Thank you. I really enjoyed the treatment plan examples. "

Tammy B

"This was a great online training!!"

Melina J

"Great course, great refresher of information and learned more than anticipated. Outstanding points to keep in mind that I do not always think about during treatment. Very responsive during training! Thanks Dr. Lusk!"

Rocio B

"Great presentation"

Jenna B

"Wonderful presentation!"