Jo Turner T

"Great lecture, thank you for taking the time to offer this online."

Jacey Y

"Many of us are so very grateful for the life's work of Dr. Van der Kolk!!!"

Jan P

"Very interesting and informative!"

Amanda S

"Enjoyed this very much, very informative"


"excellent. will def be obtaining the book. so helpful in my early days of practising. "

Robert G

"A useful beginning"

Tracey M

"loved the discussion and how it opened up my training and my knowledge of Alfred Adler and social interaction, the need to be social beings for good mental health."

Marissa O

"Excellent information, thank you."

Sabrina B

"Excellent video explaining the different parts of the brain and how this affects us. The affects of trauma and the here and now."

Lucy D

"Great Presentation!!"