Rumi N

"Very helpful!"

Elise M

"She did a phenomenal job. Very good teacher!"

Samantha P

"great conference! very informative and helpful "

Elizabeth P

"Loved the presenter’s expertise"

Jennifer S

"Excellent course! Very informative!"

Carrie F

"Great quality. Very well prepared presenter. Difficulty sync-ing back when you have to log off temporarily."


"I learned a lot . very useful for this time."

Jane S

"I suggested changing slides from "adaptions" to adaptations."

Teri B

"The presenter did an amazing amount of research and the handout will be very useful for my practice in meeting compliance."

Tab U

"Presenter had terrible time synchronizing her slides with her oral presentation. Video of videos used was terrible. More than half of seminar was not relevant to my own individual clinical practice at my agency."