Pamela J

"Very knowledgeable and thorough presenters. "

Elizabeth M

"Great program, makes me want to learn neurofeedback"

Carol K

"An excellent presentation, packed with usable information."

Jan W

"Carol and Bill were excellent presenters. Easy to listen to and to feel comfortable with. "

Rebecca A

"wonderful training! Love all the interventions! Simply & applicable!"

Suzanne C

"Loved this course. Presenters were phenomenal and extremely knowledgeable. "

Julie C

"excellent course"

Constance R

"Im.pressed with a course for therapists that enbraces hypnosis"

John H

"Carol has the most wonderful hypnotic voice. I wish she would produce some hypnosis audiotapes. Bill is a wonderful story teller, and explainer. And he has a great sense of humor. "

Justine U

"I loved their presentation style, very easy to follow yet nuanced. "