Jenny K

"One of the best PESI trainings I've been to. Excellent content, excellent speaker. "

Diane T

"Really great webinar! I'm apprehensive of the online format of seminars, but this was very well done and I learned A TON!"


"Few tech problems, but that happens. FANTASTIC COURSE!!!"

Kelsey B

"Excellent webinar! Thanks to Dr. K. and his tech support:)!"

Amanda P

"Dr. Kardaras was engaging and informative throughout the entire training. This was one of the very best trainings I have attended. I am energized to use the information presented to help my clients and to learn even more!"

Doreen B

"Content was excellent; tech issues were a bit frustrating"

Rita K

"Program was extremely informative."

Nora C

"Good training and valuable information provided for practice"

Sheryl S

"This class was amazing. I learned so much that I didn't know and am excited to share with my team tomorrow!"

Jeannette S

"I was extremely pleased with this course "