Andi B

"Dr Jacob made the material interesting and creating a warm, supportive learning community."

Karen R

"Excellent Presentation!"

Toi C

"Wish there was some time set aside to focus on the use of DBT skills with other populations-but I understand why it wasn't in this case. I don't work with adults often so while I learned a great deal I will have to work much harder to integrate those skills into my practice. "


"Perhaps it was the nature of being thrown off due to changing our lecture from in person to online seminar, but things appeared very disjointed and there were many questions on the exam I do not feel were covered or touched on at all during the session."

Brenda F

"Excellent presentation especially as it was Dr. Jacob's first run through for a webinar. He was great with fielding questions from our group."


"Dr. Jacob was amazing!"