"Dr Fisher is one of my favorite teachers! I always learn something new and benefit from her commitment to share her knowledge and experience"

Anita G

"a wonderful presentation !"

Sylvia S

"Questions were answered in detail"

Woldemariam G

"Super star faculty with masterful content and delivery. Met my need quite well"

Marti L

"Janina Fisher was outstanding! I bought her book. I would like to take more of her courses/webinars."

Sheila F

"Excellent course. I would go to her for therapy myself."

John R

"Well done presentation. "

Kim S

"Always delightful Thank you "

Rachel G

"Dr. Fisher is engaging and an amazing presenter and educator. I am going to attend another one of her workshops in the future."

Shannon S

"This was extraordinarily useful and insightful information. I look forward to the use of what I learned in this training with my clients."