Lexie G

"Amazing presenter! Very engaging throughout the whole time. "

Tammy P

"I am very pleased that I took this course. Personality disorders were my weakness as a relative new clinical social worker, and now I finally feel like I have a solid understanding of the disorders and their management and treatment. "

Christopher S

"This is the best training I have ever had! Nice job Greg! Our office learned a lot and thought Greg did a great job!"

Kimi B

"Extremely helpful"

Angela C

"Exceeded my expectations. One of the best presentations I've attended."

Rania H

"Very well done!"

Angela M

"Dr. Lester was able to keep it interesting despite the presentation being online! I would love to hear him talk in person!"

Barbara G

"Great training!"

Julie F

"Wonderful and very useful training. "

Jessica S

"This was the best CE course I have ever had. Loved it. "