Emilia P

"The presenter was knowledgable and well prepared. "

Melinda S

"Dr. Samuels was excellent. Easy to follow, patient and knowledgeable. Also, the stories, videos and vignettes made this all more interesting."

Abigail R

"Love how easy these online CEs are and thank you for allowing access to the content to go back and get more instruction and answer questions."

Oliva L

"The information was very helpful. Thank you!"

Ann G

"When I called PESI to find out if the test would be emailed, the person directed me to the place on the website I could find it. Thank you!"

Theresa M

"Excellent, relevant course. Dr. Samuels is a boss! Gratitude!"

Susan C

"This seminar was extremely helpful to my practice, professionally presented, and the presenter balanced theoretical knowledge, responsiveness to attendees, and the use of humor and warmth in an exemplary fashion."