Carla C

"Fabulous presentation and material! "


"The presenter was great!! I really appreciated all of her insightful comments that were not in the note taking guide/power point. It truly helped me to process the information and gain a lot of insight."


"Amazing given the COVID-19 social distance and closing orders!"


"This course was extremely valuable in my work with the early to middle child needs, appropriate boundaries, and positive behavioral goals and limits. The instructor was very knowledgeable and taught in a format supported by evidence-based practices. The course was developed in a meaningful platform and was delivered in a way that promoted my learning and confidence in applying this information/interventions in my work. Excellent job by presenter! Thank you! "

Lorita B

"Excellent presentation. Reinforced strategies/techniques I already use and introduced some new ones too."

Brian S

"I enjoyed the way the talk was organized"

Kelly S

"I learned a great deal in this seminar. I would love to have the opportunity to take another course with this speaker!"

Monica H

"I thought this course was useful. The speaker was engaging."

Debbie H

"I would attend any continuing education class that Jennifer Wilke-Deaton would present. There is so much more that I could learn from her."

Priscilla S

"This was one of the best conferences I have attended. YOU had me engaged from the start and all the way through to the end. MUCH appreciated"