Adrienne D

"I really enjoyed this presentation- very informative."

Susan F

"Jeff Ashby is an excellent assest to the profession and to Ethics Learning! This is my second time attending his training. Excellent Thank you!"

Eileen K

"Jeff's presentation was engaging and accessible. Thank you for clear (and ordered) slides from which you expanded the information. "

Michael S

"Would have liked to pose questions via the chat but that was interacted with during the presentation. Excellent job, Jeff. I learned a lot of valuable and practice saving information."

Cara E

"Fantastic presenter!"


"I enjoyed his sense of humor. "

Tara D

"Dr. Ashby was an excellent speaker and easy to listen to."

Kim M

"Excellent presenter. Would enjoy seeing him present another workshop"

Diane W

"I thought Jeff was a GREAT speaker. Never had a better ethics trainer than him. He was a little fast thought, and I wish he had been able to answer some of the finer details about email communication. I wish I could just sit debate ethics with this guy for like a month straight."