JuanCarlos L

"Overall satisfied with the presentation and content. "

Da'Keisha J

"The presenter was very knowledgeable and covered every basis of distance therapy, even areas I had not considered. "

Heather P

"Great presentation!"

Gaby D

"It was a very interesting workshop full of practical information."

Julie S

"Enjoyed learning about this subject."

Raul G

"Joni is an excellent presenter."

Rachael S

"Very well put together!"

Jarretta M

"Joni was well-informed, interesting, and interactive. I really enjoyed her presentation and felt it was well-worth my time. I learned more than I expected. I would love to attend another class taught by Joni. I did have difficulty with a couple of the questions and couldn't find the answers in the slides. "

Marisa C

"I really enjoyed this seminar. The only issue I had with it was having to sit through and listen to people asking questions that were not relevant for me. "

Suzanne S

"Really enjoyed all the questions and specifics. It's easy to tell the presenter has done her research, has personal experience on the topic AND is open to learning from the attendees."