Maria Roelie S

"I learned a lot about the benefits of using distance learning. Before participating or watching this course, I felt hesitant about it. Now I am more informed and less intimidated by the idea of using teletherapy."

Nasrin F

"Great Instructor / Presneter Great slides"


"excellent training"

Nicole H

"This is one of the most relevant, meaningful, and applicable continuing education programs i have ever done and it highlighted alot that I need to update and appreciate having learned in this time of teletherapy spiking in the country. "

Lisa C

"Excellent program."

Elizabeth J

"Joni is a phenomenal presenter. I appreciated her knowledge and expertise in the subject matter! "

Kelley K

"Great presentation! "

Linda C

"This course exceeded my expectations. I feel very equipped to provide teletherapy ethically and legally."

Kathy E

"Great thank you!"

Julie M

"I am very happy that this course was offered to everyone and for free. Thanks!!"