Susan F

"Again, thank you for this very professionally presented progam. The presenter provided a comfortable and interactive environment for learning"

Erika W

"One of the best presenters and trainings I've ever attended."

Dave B

"Good presenter"

Anil P

"Satisfied with the course. It's very useful. I'm happy to attend this course"

Madelyn T

"I appreciated this opportunity... Thanks"

Kareem M

"This was a well organized and informative presentation. I'm glad to have completed this program. Thank You PESI and Joni!!!"

Cortney H

"Great Seminar!"

Melissa Y

"I was blown away by this workshop. I took pages of notes and learned so much. I am so glad that I took the time to listen and learn the proper way of doing tele-mental health. I am grateful for this presentation and seminar. "

Enjoli F

"Really informative course."

Tania S

"I learned more than I expected. I feel more prepared to implement telemental health. "