Kay K

"Great course! One of my career favorites."

Carmen A

"This was an awesome training module! I am taking away information on how to explain my role with dyslexia, and how to provide treatment strategies that can impact student success."

Zoe M

"Informative and helpful."

Cheryl L

"Penny had a wealth of knowledge. I am an OT and benefitted greatly from the evaluation and treatment part of the presentation. I would like to see more information in those areas. "

Sara B

"Mrs. Stack was a wonderful presenter. I was able to learn strategies to help deal with Dyslexia and the importance of a team of helping professionals to aid a child with Dyslexia. No one is a complete expert that is why it takes a team."

Lisa W

"I enjoyed this webinar, very informative and a lot to think about"


"Great Presentation! I learned a great deal about the far reaching concept of dyslexia. So much more that I had thought before. Lots of great therapy tips, as well, including some for an SLP like myself. Penny is a talented presenter. Would like to see her again."

Dee A

"The course was excellent and I enjoyed it very much."

Amanda E

"By far one of the best seminars I have attended. Informative and also provided interventions for the clinician and the parents. Awesome Job!!!!!!"

Katya R

"Very informative and interesting presentation. Thank you!"