Dawn Y

"I really appreciate the way that Sherrie presents complicated topics in a way that can be more easily understood by professionals at my level of expertise. Thanks Sherrie!"

Kara K

"I really enjoyed the presenter’s energy and causal style. I think it would’ve helped though if she’d written her email address in the chat box since she asked for all communication to be emailed to her."


"I learned a lot. I took all 36 CE courses from PESI and I am happy with PESI"

Shelia R

"I enjoyed the presentation."


"Very good"

Charlene V

"Excellent and inspiring course, Tech Support was superb"

Samantha A

"great class, well organized and presented, highly recommended!"

Ilena K

"Sherrie All was absolutely great! She somehow managed to make those of us feel like we were taking the course in person, even though we were linked into the course by webinar. She was very interesting, good mix of lecture, slides, videos and personal stories. This was an excellent course!"

Sachiko F

"This program was very wonderful. I learned a lot from this program."

Kimberly K

"Dr. All's content and delivery was just fantastic. I have recommended the course to several colleagues. "