Suzanne S

"One of the best CE courses I have ever taken, I will listen to it again and again to review & absorb, thank you so very much! Truly an inspiration! Suzanne, OT"

Jennifer M

"I enjoyed the presentation. Was easy to listen to... appreciate the handouts to support."

Catherine G

"Dr. Gibbs is an excellent presentor"

Maria Luisa C

"she is amazing teacher, lots of information to memorize"

Melissa F

"great course"

Nava W

"It was great! Thanks!"

Mara L

"Very happy with this course"

Manuel G

"Learned so much."

Adrienne K

"Dr. Gibbs was fantastic. She made difficult information easy to understand."

Alison L

"Loved this program! I can't wait to try out some of these strategies!"