Teresa O

"excellent materials"

MarieTherese H

"great presentation"

Carrise M

"This course, its presenter and content were by far my favorite in the series for the ADHD certification course. Very informative with useful tools to use immediately in practice! "

Stacey P

"Absolutely fantastic presenter! Extensive knowledge and resources. I learned a tremendous amount of evidenced based techniques and strategies."

Blanca Y

"very useful info. Thank you!!"

Laura D

"Amazing training! I learned the most of any training I've attended. Useful strategies for many issues seen in therapy sessions and a strong research base behind it. Excellent!"

Nandi H

"I was particularly pleased with the presenter's strong evidence base and rationale for all approaches discussed. The perfect person to have as a supervisor for clinical work. Great teacher! It was pleasure listening to her describe her work and her thinking behind her work"

Karen L

"Fantastic presenter! I will watch this again!"

Mary Pat K

"I loved this course, Jennifer was a fabulous presenter and the material so helpful. EXCELLENT course!"

Lisa L

"This was one of the best classes I have taken in 15 years. Thanks for the relevant information. "