Jane S

"I suggested changing slides from "adaptions" to adaptations."

Teri B

"The presenter did an amazing amount of research and the handout will be very useful for my practice in meeting compliance."

Tab U

"Presenter had terrible time synchronizing her slides with her oral presentation. Video of videos used was terrible. More than half of seminar was not relevant to my own individual clinical practice at my agency."

Inge S

"The instructor -Joni Gilbertson was fabulous! BEST EVER in her presentation - speaking and interconnecting in such a personal way that I felt as though I was actually physically present. Her knowledge of the subject, her enthusiasm and her energy this an energizing experience for me. I look forward to taking more online classes with her."

Angela W

"Excellent course!"

Shelby G

"Great presentation! "

Kristin B

"Excellent course. Took quite a bit longer than the 12 hour video, as additional hours were needed to read the dense class material/booklet and to take the quiz and absorb the material. "

Claudia E

"Thank you, I learned a lot!"

Jill M

"This was so useful....particularly right now"

David A

"Joni was wonderful, she is a great presenter! Unfortunately there were a few technical problems."