Stephanie N

"This seminar was wonderful! The presenter was great!"

Kathleen F

"Very pleased with my first online course! Thank you!"

Sheryl H

"Thank you for Sync Slides. Homerun! Presenter & material were excellent in interest & utility. Very Good. Will go through again. Enhanced my understanding of topic."

Vanessa L

"Presenter made information easy to understand for both myself as a professional and in ways I can easily explain it to my clients. This course would be helpful to any professional as anxiety presents in nearly all clients at some point in the process. "

Joanne T

"This was the best PESI training I've attended, so much helpful information! I also really liked the presenter's style, practical examples were excellent and so useful in applying the concepts. Thank you!!"

Donna B

"Ms. Pittman is one of the best presenters I have listened to in a long time. It was an area I am definitely interested in, but she is amazing. I would listen to her presentations anytime!"

Laura W

"Excellent webinar!"

Jennifer S

"very informative presentation."