Laila F

"He was an awesome speaker! I wish we got through the slides, but I understand he was trying to answer questions using a more thorough presentation. "


"Great intro to ACT! Thank you very much."

Scott C

"I enjoyed course and presenter, he offered some extremely good ideas, metaphors and imagery work that can be used with my clients. Thank you for the course "

Suri N

"One of the best workshops I have ever taken!"

Michael B

"Excellent workshop that I'll use in my clinical practice.."

Robin W


Ellen C

"Excellent and informative, overall. I plan to integrate the principles and practices I learned into my therapy practices."

Marie H

"My first PESI live webinar, but certainly not my last. Excellent program on all counts."


"Excellent Webcast--very informative and comprehensive. Valuable addition to my knowledge and use of CBT."

Karen C

"Well presented. Appreciate the examples."