Laura B

"this guy was great! i learned so much. his teaching style is so effective."

Ken C

"Donald Meichenbaum has contributed so much to so many. Thank you for an exemplary career and for all that you have taught me. Ken Chrsitianson, Fargo"

Kirsten L

"This was by far the best conference/webinar I have attended. Wish he would do more."

Stephanie R

"Excellent topic and excellent presentation."

Susan N

"So appreciated Dr. Meichenbaum and all that he shared and all that he had done in the field. Feel honored and priviliged to have been able to watch this webcast and learn what I have learned. Thank you! "

Denise S

"This was one of the best, if not the best, PESI trainings I've attended. I also appreciated the helpfulness and flexibility of PESI staff."

Judith B

"Dr Meichenbaum is an excellent presenter"

Patricia P

"Outstanding program!"

Maurice P

"Thoroughly enjoyed it & learned a lot from Dr. Meichenbaum."

Maureen H

"This was an excellent seminar. Dr. Meichenbaum is a very talented presenter. This was an enjoyable experience. "