Brandi B

"One of the best workshops I have ever experienced."

Jaclyn H

"Learned a great deal of good information today. You did a great job on your entire presentation and kept all of our attention the entire time."

Patricia L

"Great webinar with great examples."

jamae m

"thank you!"

Julie M

"wonderful presentation and presenter"

Audre N

"Dr. Bryson has a style of delivering complex information that makes it easy to understand and very interesting to learn about! I'd love to attend more lectures that she facilitates."

Amy L

"I have read Dr Payne Bryson and Dr. Siegel's works. This program offered a very nice review and integration of ideas."

Joan B

"I easily relate TO TINA and her enthusiasm for her work, especially with Dan Siegel. It mens so much to the work I do and the good, positive sense it all makes."

Traci D

"great speaker and her approach was easy to understand and follow "

Cheryl L

"Dr. Bryson is very knowledgable and easy to follow. Listening to her inspires me to learn more and to continue to approach working with children as if they are exciting puzzles to figure out. Being armed with the neurology behind the "why we do what we do in therapy" helps me to more confidently w"