Nadia J

"I wasn't sure what to expect but this seminar was more than I expected. very helpful!!"

Sarah S

"This was a great program overall! I am very interested in this topic and developing this as an aspect of my practice as an LCSW. Jennifer and Little Flower Yoga are a wonderful resource."

Susan R

"thank you"

Heidi C

"Content was presented in a way that could be easily understood - especially areas such as the Nervous System, Brain, Children who resist the program, children with ADHD. In totally, the entire program was presented leaving no ambiguity, no confusion and a desire to follow up with Jennifer's recomme"

Harriet S

"The exercises were very helpful."

Maurice H

"very qualified instructor who seemed to have expertise with neurology as well as yoga for youth."

Kathleen D

"I don't often rate every answer at the top. This was an exceptional presentation!! Jennifer obviously brings a great expertise and passion to her work in the field of mindfulness and yoga for children."

Keri H

"Very informative and ready-to-use strategies were presented. Good speaker."