Angie F

"Great course. "

Lisa S

"Great course! Can't wait to share w my team on Monday! Going to put this in practice Monday morning! So excited! Thank you!"

Jennifer L

"Awesome presentation. I learned to look at primitive reflexes in a new light. Thanks!"

Kim H

"Excellent presentation. I feel like my practice just received a breath of fresh air. Thanks Karen!"

Jenny J

"Dr. Pryor is a pioneer in the field of neuroplasticity & every therapist should be required to attend her seminars!"

Erin W

"The present was very knowledgeable and presented the information in a fun way. "

Sabrina K

"Great Seminar. It was very informative. Thank you."

Randia M

"Disorganized- no "road map" for the presentation. Watched remotely and camera did not focus on the slides/videos/pictures."

Diann G

"Presentation was excellent"