Beverly S

"Excellent learning opportunity. I liked the format of various modules that I could watch, rewatch and also review with the notes/handouts."

Jana W

"Appreciate this training, thank you for sharing this work."

Vivian Lori C

"He is an excellent presenter and I am delighted to have taken this course. Thank you!"

Evelyn B

"David Kessler was informed, presented material effectively."

Roger W

"Excellent program for professionals"

Lisa B

"David is a wealth of knowledge. I learned a great deal and realized how much I did not know about grief in a professional capacity as well as in my personal life. I most appreciate David's self-disclosure of his personal experience with loss. It is inspiring."

Debra W

"Excellent presentation."

Elizabeth June S

"David Kessler was an extremely effective and knowledgeable presenter of this material. His relaxed manner, sharing of stories, his interaction with participants, his down to earth way of being - all made for an excellent learning and reflective experience."

Edie W

"David was clear, warm, engaging, and knowledgeable with excellent examples!"

David O

"This was one of my favorite courses on PESI. I enjoyed David Kessler's presentation and came away with a greater knowledge base on Grief and Trauma. Thank you Davis and PESI for this opportunity to increase my knowledge on said practices."