Chris H

"Helpful, useful, good"

Michael C

"Dr. Ashby did a terrific job keeping the information interesting for an 8 hour seminar"

Tom C

"Excellent course, relevant"

Marisa S

"I really enjoyed Jeffrey Ashby's style of teaching/presenting. It was engaging and he had a good sense of humor which made it interesting."

Paula B

"I choose this class because the presenter received a rating of 4.7/5. I was not disappointed. His presentation and presentation style was excellent, entertaining, informative and delightful. He said at the beginning I wouldn't learn anything...he was wrong...I learned a lot and I would love to take another class with Dr. Ashby any day! I am sure Georgia State is honored that he is part of their faculty. Fantastic Job!"

Heather H

"He was a very engaging presenter and made information useful. "

Tim G

"Dr. Ashby was a dynamic and helpful presenter and his organization, presentation style, and examples were extremely helpful. This course was much more enjoyable than I anticipated."

Kerry H

"Best Ethics course I have ever taken. I felt engaged and interested. The speaker did an amazing job with a subject that can be very dry! "

Carole B

"One of the best Ethics trainings I have ever attended. Dr. Ashby was amazing"

Brenda R

"Presenter was engaging and informative. I learned more than I expected and ended up with a lot to think about. I also think he did a great job with restating questions and comments from the audience."