Kathryn N

"Excellent presentation. I appreciate Dr. Anderson's commitment to educating us on IFS. "

Laura L

"Excellent course! Thank you for offering it as an asynchronous online course to fit the chaotic schedules of us working professionals who are also parenting children during K-12 online learning. "

Ray Z


Courtney L

"Best on-line or unperson course I've taken. Frank Anderson was incredibly organized, confident, and clear. "

Ella G

"Very Informative and useful/"

Frankie M

"Excellent presentation. Not familiar with IFS so this is new to me; learned a lot to incorporate in my practice."

Marianne D

"Dr. Anderson did an incredible job. He is engaging, even though we were online, as well as funny. And his knowledge was excellent. Thank you!"

Olivia R

"Very enjoyable and useful. "

Jennifer H

"The course was great Dr. Anderson was excellent as was Dr. Schwartz. Material however excellent and I'm so happy I have now learned it is dense and should be worth more credit hours because it takes time to synthesize and I found myself rewinding a lot a lot"


"excellent course"