Maryanne W

"Excellent !!"

Kim S

"She was excellent. Excellent. Totally integrated presentation. Extremely well done."

Carolyn C

"The seminar was very pertinent to the field of social work and was organized in a way to make it easy to uderstand."

Jared T

"Speaker's overall philosophy matches mine a great deal. I learned a lot on both a personal and professional level. Thanks!"

Megan G

"I believed myself to be somewhat knowledgeable about health and nutrition, and their effects on mental health. I was happily surprised to find that this training provided me with more information than I ever expected. The knowledge I gained from this training will help me immensely."

Laura P

"Anne had such a wealth of knowledge. I wish it was split into 2 days to digest all the information and allow more time for discussion on her case studies. Beautifully done!"

Corrine H

"Will be vey helpful to my practice with high volume of PTSD clients."

jackie o

"excellent loved it"

Daniel M


Laura M

"Very helpful! "