Kelly H

"I enjoyed Dr. Bloom's presentation and feel more prepared for the ICD-10 transition."

John S

"Generally, outstanding. Some of her slides did not match the handout I printed out. "

Tanya S

"I feel more knowledgeable about dx and better prepared for the ICD-10 transition"

Kerin L

"I am so grateful for the webinar option. Thank you."

Karin G

"Great Speaker full of knowledge. "

Lorraine S

"Program was excellent."

Mollie L


EIleen B

"Presenter was very well versed in material and presented it in a way that made the day enjoyable and informative."

Ann D

"The Presenter did a very good job overall of staying on task and covering the material in time allotted. Thank you."

Jean Thayer M

"My anxiety about applying the new coding system has been significantly reduced. She also was close enough to the material to be able to share the reasoning behind some of the big changes which was especially helpful."