Debbi K

"Excellent and vet helpful workshop! I learned so much!!"


"Janina is a highly skilled teacher, imparting significant understanding of a great deal of digestible information. One can only imagine she is also a masterful therapist."

Nikki G

"The presenter's use of the word "um" was distracting and it was frustrating not to be able to see video of demonstrations."

Heather K

"this is a wonderful course taught by a clear and emphatic teacher who conveyed the info with ease and in a way that kept the students interested and engaged"

Jessica H

"Beautifully done! I very much appreciate the information in this workshop."

Daniel G

"Enjoyed the webinar greatly!"

Jean G

"One of the best trainings I've been to in a decade."

Sally R

"Great course ! I will begin using techniques tomorrow. I specifically took the class in order to better assist several patients. Thank YOU !"

Brenda H

"FANTASTIC TRAINING. One of the VERY BEST I have ever participated in. "

Jana V

"Wow! Fantastic course!"