Anita H

"Very happy with this course and will use with clients right away."

Lydia W

"Terrifically helpful! Dr. Ludgate was an excellent trainer!!"

Catherine S

"This was the best training I have had in ages. The presenter is absolutely the most articulate person. He explained things in such a way that I retained them and carried the strategies into my everyday work immediately. He has really helped me feel confident in practice. Great trainer and great content!!!!"

Terry C

"I thought this was a great course and I enjoyed it very much. Dr. Ludgate showed a very humane attitude regarding clients with differing diagnoses and gave very good examples of how to deal with various clinical situations."

Carol H

"Excellent Seminar"

Susan S

"I loved the course and especially the presenter, John Ludgate, who was extremely knowledgeable, experienced, imparted a vast amount of information and was FUN to listen to. The time whizzed by while online withthe course. I highly recommend him and the course"

Summer S

"Great course, learned a lot of techniques to use and how to better serve my clients. Thank you! "

Gordon S

"Excellent program! Well presented!!"

Melissa P

"Overall Excellent!!!"

Bonnie K

"I really enjoyed this course. Very informative and helpful to my practice."