Karen B

"hard course but great and very useful"

Melissa B

"Excellent training. Learned so much I intend to use in my practice."

Catherine G

"Excellent presenter. Appreciate the wealth of research presented. it would have taken me months to read and summarize what was presented in this course. The clinical strategies suggested and practiced were welcomed and will be implemented immediately. Thank you for presenting information about the brain in such a user friendly manner. "

Stewart K

"Great training."

Katherine E

"i totally enjoyed this course and i learned a tremendous amount of valuable information"

Alice J

"I would highly recommend this course. Dr. Greenberg has the ability present the topic of neuroscience with ease, clarity and make it an enjoyable experience. I will certainly apply what I learned to my practice. "

Sharone L

"Very relevant material. I liked the combination of lecture and actual exercises"

Keith S

"Really appreciated Melanie Greenberg's knowledge, as well as her realness. It made for a very pleasant and unpretentious learning experience. Thank you so much."

Davorka M

"I learned a lot!!!"

Becky G

"Material presented was at just the right level for my needs. Bravo!"